The JDA-358-8 is a great stick for setting up a safety zone. Using 8 modules of 1W 3rd Generation LEDs (a total of 32 LEDs), this light offers 11 patterns or use only as a directional stick. Comes with a 10' cable and control box. These LEDs will last over 100,000 hours and uses a low amperatge draw. Custom order yours today! Power: 12V DC Flash pattern: 11 or arrow stick Colors: Red, blue, amber, white, or mixed Dimensions: 36" X 3.5" Weather resistance

One of our newest electronic devices, this small but powerful box will give you the visibility from the front that is almost unmatchable. This flasher will operate a two or four headlight system on any vehicle with a 12 VDC negative ground system. Alternates the vehicles high beam at a constant flash rate of 1.9 f.p.s. or modulates high beams at 3.6 f.p.s. When used at night, the low beam headlights remain ON for proper illumination, while the highbeams flash to gain attention to increase the vehicles visability. Features High Beam Override that interupts the flasher sequence to allow normal highbeam function. NOTE: DO NOT install in a Dodge Dakota or Durango 1999 or newer. It may cause permanent damage to the electrical system. The flasher can only be used on halogen or LED headlight,(No xenon headlight). Built to last. Specifications: Power: 12VDC Dimentions: 3"W X 1 7/8"D X 1 1/4"H Mounting: 2 screws Warranty: 1 year limited
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